The Sankaran Masterclass (Level 1 to Level 5)

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Why this course?


Dr Sankaran started his Journey to Mastery more than 45 years ago when he began practising and teaching homeopathy. From the very beginning he set out with the intention of perfecting a homeopathic approach which is a true blend of science and art while being completely reproducible. And this is your chance to be led on the same journey of discovery and innovation. The Sankaran Masterclass has been designed so that you will have the same learning experience which has boosted so many of the contemporary teachers, thinkers and practitioners of our current era who have learnt directly from Dr Sankaran.


This course will allow you to learn directly from Dr Sankaran the theory of his renowned Sensation method and then be able to see it put into practice with case examples which bring the method to life. It must be emphasised that this is not just another course, it is a journey, Dr Sankaran’s and now yours!


Take your first step on this journey today, by enrolling in the Sankaran Masterclass, the most comprehensive training in homeopathy today with over 185 hours of lectures and case illustrations. Those who enrol in this course will also be given access to highly sought after interactive live sessions with Dr Sankaran where the participants will be able to raise their queries and questions gathered during their Masterclass Journey.



Dr Sankaran’s Journey can be broken down into different stages or phases of evolution and this course has been true to that journey with the development of Levels of learning.





See beyond the basics and understand how the fundamentals of Homeopathy lay the foundations for successful practice. Level 1 traces Dr Sankaran’s solid grounding and background in homeopathy set the stage and allowed for the later developments and innovations. Giving you all the tools needed to become a master of the 3 pillars of homeopathy; repertory, materia medica and philosophy, this level should be the starting point for any serious Homeopath…


LEVEL 2: - DISCOVERY (41Hours)


Once Dr Sankaran had mastered the basics of Homeopathy he began to expand and explore in his practice which ultimately led to the revolutionary concept of Miasms and the ground-breaking idea of the levels of experience. All this is beautifully laid out in level 2 and substantiated with clear and elegant case examples. 



LEVEL 3: - INNOVATION (51 hours)


Following the period of discovery in Dr Sankaran’s practice came a phase of innovation. Where some of our most useful concepts in homeopathy came to fruition. Firstly, the idea that remedies from the same kingdom shared a common perception which has taken case analysis to a new level of accuracy and reproducibility. And armed with this information each kingdom was then thoroughly researched and the sensations of multitudes of the various families from the different kingdoms came to be understood and appreciated. With this third level not only will you be shown the subtle art of identifying the kingdom, but you will also go in depth and understand how to differentiate between families within the same kingdom.



LEVEL 4: - INTEGRATION (27 hours)


Once Dr Sankaran had perfected all these new systems and approaches, he then began to integrate the old knowledge and the new knowledge into what became known as the Synergy approach. This Level discusses how we can take all the foundation knowledge and Dr Sankaran’s innovative discoveries which have been made in homeopathy and apply them to different and sometimes seemingly incomprehensible aspects of clinical practice. In this level you will be given the tools and confidence to deal with situations which can often be overwhelming and stressful to homeopaths, such as non-verbal patients, paediatrics, Acutes and case management. This Level will also pass onto the practitioner the true art of the follow up along with practical guidelines for posology, thus equipping the practitioner with all the tools required for Mastery.




After all this time and through all these different phases of evolution Dr Sankaran is still innovating and forging the way ahead. He has now taken the idea of classification in homeopathy to the next level and refined his practice in the process. With this level you can join him on this Journey of discovery into the world of the Superclass and subclass as well as adding his latest development, the WISE processes to your armamentarium. You will see how his evolutionary journey in homeopathy starting from the delusion has brought him to the idea of the superclass. Learning all there is to know about this ground-breaking classification system in homeopathy and taking your practice to the next level in the process.





Don’t forget that all those who enrol in the course will be given access to attend live question and answer sessions with Dr Sankaran. Providing a great platform for interaction and clearing any doubts.



Package Contents

Level 1, Breakthrough - The Sankaran Masterclass
Level 2, Discovery - The Sankaran Masterclass
Level 4, Integration - The Sankaran Masterclass
Level 3, Innovation - The Sankaran Masterclass
Level 5, Specialisation - The Sankaran Masterclass

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